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Anthony Amicelle, PhD

Université de Montréal

I obtained my PHD in political sciences at Science Po Paris. Before I joined the Department of Criminology at the University of Montreal as an aggregated professor, I have worked at the Peace Research Institute of Oslo. I am also an associated researcher for the CERI (SciencesPo Paris/CNRS), for the Center for International Studies and International Research (CÉRIUM-UdeM), for the Center of sociological research on penal laws and institutions (CESDIP-CNRS) and for the International Center of Comparative Criminology (CICC-UdeM).

My research examines the interdependent relationships between issues traditionally falling under the scope of economy and finance and those specific to interior and international security. I am most specifically interested in the dynamics of mobilization against economic and financial delinquency, but also in the use of new technologies and algorithms in the context of international security and transnational mobilities.